I was incredibly grateful to PharmaTimes and the judging panel when they let me complete my assessment via Skype.  Naturally I was worried that it would be more difficult to showcase my skill set via Skype but I was wrong.  The platform worked really well and I was still able to develop a rapport with the judges, present my findings and generally showcase my skill set.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole assessment experience.  Whilst it was tough, it really did test my knowledge within the Market Access field. Winning the award has enabled me to believe in the value I bring to the table within the Market Access arena. It has also given me the confidence that I know my stuff but bench marking against my peers really does validate it.

Victoria Thomas

Besper Solutions Ltd, 2019 Market Access Lead of the Year winner

It means so much to me to have won this award, because I feel like it’s given me additional confidence and belief in myself.

This competition gives you a really good opportunity to benchmark yourself against others in the industry, but it also pushes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to challenge yourself. Also, the feedback you get as part of the process allows you to work on your development and identify the gaps you need to work on going forward in your career.​

Victoria Black

AbbVie, 2019 Marketer of the Year category winner

I would encourage marketers in all roles to take part in the Marketer of the Year competition. For me, the process tested my knowledge, made me focus and helped me to really see my contribution to the business and the cross-functional team around me. The challenge can cover any aspect of medicine/treatment so it can take you outside of your comfort zone – as does presenting to a judging panel who ask questions! I’m very pleased to have been a finalist and hope to take part again this year.

Michelle Bridgman

Consilient Health, 2018 finalist for the Experienced Marketer category

I was nominated by my manager, David Payne, Business Unit Director at Indivior UK Ltd for the Aspiring Marketer of the Year 2018 competition. Taking part in such a renowned competition was a great opportunity to demonstrate my strategic and tactical marketing skills. This was the first time I had participated in the competition and presenting in front of a panel of professional judges experienced in the marketing sector was not only a challenging but also a rewarding experience I would repeat again.

Amrita Bowery

Indivior UK Ltd, 2018 Winner of the Aspiring Marketer of the Year category

The cross functional team of the year assessment was a challenging process, which required us to pull together as a team and contribute based on our individual strengths. I am very proud of our team for winning this award, it feels great to know that Thornton and Ross have been recognised by the wider industry for our hard work.

Lewis Bell

Thornton & Ross, 2018 member of the winning Commercial Cross Functional Team of the Year

The Marketer of the Year competition is an exciting challenge to participate as a candidate against others across the industry. The experience gives you a very good perspective of your value and potential gaps. It is very useful to present to very experienced judges who give you their feedback at the end of the challenge so you can address your gaps and improve your performance.

Ana Materredona

Celgene, 2018 finalist, Aspiring Marketer Category

The PharmaTimes competition is incredibly worthwhile because the exercises on the competition day are both challenging and representative of the real world – they stretch you as an individual and as a team and push you to use all of the various skills and competencies needed to be successful in your day to day role.
It was an honour to win and the awards night was excellent – a good opportunity to network, and also catch up with old colleagues and friends.

Gawain Shirley

Lundbeck, 2017 Winner (National Market Access Lead of the Year and Commercial Cross Functional Team of the Year)

The assessment day was great and required us work together as a team to solve the tasks. The day really got us thinking, with some great challenges that included all functions.

Kate Evans

2017 Finalist (Commercial Cross Functional Team)

Entering the Pharma Times marketing awards provided me with a new and unique opportunity to demonstrate my core marketing capabilities to an independent panel against people outside of my organisation.  I found the process to be a really valuable experience, which provided me with an opportunity to practice and refine my marketing skills and receive feedback on areas of improvement. To win the award on the night was a great honour and it gave me the confidence to take the next step in my career, which has resulted in me securing my first marketing role as a Brand Manager within my organisation.  I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is interested in moving to a marketing role consider going through this process.

Jonathan Jones

Novartis, 2017 Winner (Aspiring Marketer)

Taking part in the competition was certainly very valuable and it definitely brought me out of my shell. The judges were great and I found the task very interesting in the sense that it helped me to think outside of the box. I find that we get so used to working on our own brands that we get a little closed off and it’s useful to take a step back and think about how we would apply our learnings to other areas.

Florence Chinn

Abbvie, 2017 Finalist (New Marketer)

Participating in the Cross-Functional Team category has been an intense and challenging experience, but also a fun one! Benchmarking ourselves as a team against our peers in a full-day market simulation, where our strategic and tactical decisions were assessed in real time has been an invaluable undertaking. When we found out that we had won we were absolutely thrilled! This was a true cross functional achievement from across Sales (Shirley Taylor, Jack Hadfield), Medical (Paul Bloomfield), Market access (Alex Ledger) and Marketing (Stephanie Hecht)  and was an endorsement of how we work together as ONE team.

Stephanie Hecht

Senior Brand Manager, Actelion

The pharmaceutical industry attracts and retains some of the world’s leading talent.  With this in mind, it’s a great honor and privilege to be awarded PharmaTimes New Marketer of the Year 2015. The competition not only provided me with an opportunity to benchmark against industry peers but it also gave me the chance to develop my skills in a realistic, time pressured environment. At Roche we continue to invest significantly in marketing excellence and I see the competition as a valuable tool for validating our training and development approach.

Thom Renwick

Brand Manager – Oncology, Roche Products

To have won senior marketer of the year is great recognition. It’s seen as the flagship individual category, so to win is a very proud moment. Winning a competition such as this can only be great for your career development, it helps with both internal and external recognition. I’d recommend this competition to any marketer. The challenge was tough, but very realistic. It was a case of distilling the key issues from a lot of information in a short space of time and building a robust plan around them – very similar to the day to day work of a UK marketer leading a brand.

Adam Chapman

Head of Marketing & Market Access, Lundbeck

I am genuinely honoured to be highly commended for the aspiring marketer category.  I am incredibly passionate about marketing and I am sure the validation through this competition will help me on my marketing journey.  This competition was a great test of my capabilities and demonstrated for me where I need to grow as an individual professionally.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this competition to anyone wanting to benchmark their ability against their peers.

Steve Morris

Project Manager - ADP Practitioner, GSK

We are very proud and honoured to have won the prestigious Pharmatimes Marketing Company of the Year award. This is the “icing on the cake” after winning the Brand Manager of the Year award as well as Cross-Functional Team of the Year award. For a relatively small company such as Actelion, being recognised in such a visible way is a tremendous achievement and means a lot to everyone in our organisation!

Stephanie Hecht

Senior Brand Manager, Actelion